Hello new challenges, good to see you.

Today marks the end of the first week at my new job after being in one place for almost 5 years. It has been an amazing week, busy, vibrant, welcoming and fun. It is fascinating to me to take stock at the end of the week and consider some things I’ve noticed. Normally I’d keep them to myself, but decided to just post about it instead, because some of you may be going through the same thing, or may be about to.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a team, asking them to love me.

Yes, corny movie lines for the win. My point is that most of us when starting new jobs share similar concerns around new people, systems, demands, challenges and so on, but the reality is that you’re familiar with more than you realise. This week I was lucky enough to become part of a fantastic team. This was no easy feat, since the last team I was part of I absolutely adored and they adored me. High standards had definitely been set, but I have to say, everyone I’ve met has been extremely welcoming and helpful. The feedback I’ve been getting for some of the things I’ve implemented this week has been excellent, with people taking the time out to let me know how impressed they’ve been. This is so important in your first week. Recognition from your colleagues that you’ve done something that makes their job easier, or leads to better outcomes is vital in the first stages of a new job. I know it’s certainly made me feel more comfortable, integrated with the team and absolutely certain that I can make an outstanding contribution and difference in our shared goals. I was also treated to a lovely welcome lunch, which again, was such a kind gesture and really helped me get to know people straight away.

All of this has happened before and will happen again.

Sorry, couldn’t help but throw in an unnecessary Battlestar Galactica reference there. One of the main things I noticed this week is that you have more experience than you realise and when you move to a new job, you suddenly use that history to make sense of what’s happening around you. Some of the people I’ve met this week reminded me of others I’ve worked with. I could tell almost straight away that there were a number of people that I knew I’d get along with great. Your intuition is so important and I don’t think mine has let me down yet. While I’m a big believer in taking people at face value and not trying to box them into a previously existing category, ultimately, people are the same all over. You’ll recognise the same personalities, the same characters and you’ll know how to work with them easier than you realise. I’ve been in the role only a week, but when I left today, I already felt like I’d been there a lot longer and that is absolute testament to the great team that’s there. It’s similar to when I left my last role. My going away speech was beautiful, heartfelt and genuine and I really knew I was leaving behind what had become family. The main thing to remember and it’s helped me this week, is that you’ll meet new people who you’ll love just as much and if you don’t, that’s okay too. So long as you can work together well and strive for those shared outcomes, that’s really all that matters.

A bad system will beat a good person every time.

Systems, systems, systems. This week I’ve had to start learning a bunch of new systems. Some are better than what I’ve worked with in the past, some are worse, but it’s just how it is. On the few times that you might need help, seek out the experts and ask for it. Seriously. Don’t struggle through, just speak to people who know what they’re doing. I haven’t had too much to worry about this week, but I’ve had a couple of moments where I needed some clarification and there was always someone there willing to help. It got me through, pointed me in the right direction to become self-sufficient and ensured I was able to deliver what was needed. I have been really pleased with some of the challenges I’ve had around systems this week and how it’s made me resourceful, perhaps more than I realised and led to me quickly gaining knowledge and getting things done. Now all I need to hope for is some Mac love in the future and I’ll be good!

A change will do you good.

I suppose the main thing I’ve really felt this week is a genuine sense of excitement and passion around what I’m doing. There is so much ahead, so many possibilities, no doubt a number of challenges, but also support and appreciation all round. It is nice now and again to move out of your comfort zone and get out there. Despite any moments of worry, self-doubt or stress, it is definitely an invigorating feeling to start a new job that goes well in the first week. How has your first week gone? Do you have any recollections about how you felt at the end of it?