Ever asked yourself where you truly belong professionally?

I think that everyone at some point in time has asked themselves, “is this truly where I want to work?”. There are numerous reasons why you might ask this, but generally it’s because you’re either looking for something new, re-evaluating what your future plans are or hopefully, just because you’re exceptionally happy with where you are and are patting yourself on the back. I am working in an organisation that has a limited shelf life. We ramp up quickly, we shut down and we all go our own separate ways onto the next adventure. For me, this has got me thinking about which companies are the dream companies to work for and why. Thought I’d share them with you and see whether any of them float your boat too.

The big three – Facebook, Apple, Twitter

Yes, we can dream big. None of the above are probably a surprise to anyone who knows me, but Facebook, Twitter and Apple are my absolute dream companies when it comes to where I want to work. Why? Well, putting aside the fact that I’m a massive digi-nerd, these companies epitomise for me strong objectives, a great cultural fit and a dedication to improving not only technology, but also global philanthropic ideals. What would I do at these companies? Ideally, I would be immersed in building productive teams there who use the platforms to improve social media strategy, communication and development. I suspect that most people would rate these companies quite highly in their dream job scenario, but they are not the only companies I can see myself thriving in.

Tracy Whitelaw at Facebook Offices in Sydney, Australia

Tracy Whitelaw at Facebook Sydney Offices

The Cool Club – Spredfast, Stackla, Salesforce

There are a few companies right now who for me are at the forefront of driving digital innovation and embracing a great corporate culture. One of my favourites is Spredfast, the coolest enterprise social media platform around at the moment. The thing I love about them is their commitment to improving and delivering on their clients feedback. They truly listen and they have such a great ethos in how they handle their customer service. They’re so personal, so customised and just overall seem like a great bunch of people. It’s the kind of company that has the right culture for their staff and I see them as a real contender in the social media space. Stackla is another company that really impresses me. Their company culture is spot on and they’ve gone from strength to strength in the social media aggregation space since I first used them back in 2011. They’re sett up globally now with offices in three different continents, yet they still seem to manage their hands-on approach to keeping customers happy which is amazing. Salesforce have impressed me with their global philanthropy for many years and they seem like a great company to work for. The culture seems to embrace a relaxed, positive attitude towards their staff, even though they have such a strong focus within Australia in Sydney and Melbourne and less up here in Queensland (which I’ve debated with them for some time!).

Spredfast Social Summit - Tracy Whitelaw Digital Manager

Some cool artwork at the 2016 Spredfast Social Media Summit

Which companies have your dream job waiting?

There are a bunch of other amazing companies that I think I would be a perfect fit for, or at least are my dream scenario when it comes to working for an organisation. Most of them are in the entertainment industry (NBC, Disney, Time Warner, HBO, Netflix, etc), but I still cannot get past the buzz I get when I think about the potential of working for Facebook, Twitter, Spredfast and the others. What is your dream company and how will you get there?