Stats on the go? Yes please!

Salesforce has unveiled a rather cool addition to the upcoming possibilities of the Apple Watch. Proving that the watch isn’t just for those who want to look cool, it now has a purpose for all those data scientists, number crunchers and analytic lovers.

Salesforce Apple Watcg

Salesforce analytics on your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will bring key components of Salesforce to the small screen:

  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud, bringing graps to the watch so that people can drill down to the original datasets.
  • Salesforce1, to bring personal notifications to the watch so campaign updates and community updates are always easy to access.
  • Salesforce Wear Developer Pack,to help coders build cool things for the Apple Watch

All sounds rather exciting doesn’t it? When can you get your hands on this? Well looks like the dev pack will be available at launch, analytics in April and Salesforce1 later this year. Yippee! Just another reason to love Apple and Salesforce for me. I’ll be whipping out my watch in a meeting to talk stats!