At last years Intelligent Cities Summit on the Gold Coast, the new Gold Coast Digital Strategy was presented. Now, as a digital advocate and someone who adores the Gold Coast, this was like digital chocolate to me.

A number of cities in Australia (and certainly internationally) already have detailed and developed digital strategies in place, often led by Chief Digital Officers (New York and Brisbane). How does the Gold Coast strategy measure up?

Honestly on first glance, it appears fairly similar. The focus is clearly on delivering economic benefits through improved digital integration. It considers the use of SME skills development, open data, e-commerce and improved connectivity. All of these are key drivers in the digital strategy of any city and Brisbane are implementing similar concepts via their own digital strategy currently.

The Gold Coast Strategy does seem to stress that successful digital improvements must grow on the back of improved infrastructure also, with the NBN rollout mentioned considerably throughout. With the apparent lack of support now for the NBN structure, where does this leave the strategy and the small businesses that are relying on it for economic growth? Have you seen any examples of successful integrated digital strategy that can work without significant infrastructure support at a federal level?

I am ready to see this digital disruption on the Coast. I’m ready for NBN and I’m ready to see digital help SME’s make a difference to their business. So, let’s go!