A lot going on in the last week or two in social media circles, so I thought I’d highlight a few of the big ones for you here so they’re all nice and concise.

First up comes news that Twitter is rolling out its mega search, with the alleged ability to search every public Tweet all the way back to 2006. Twitter Engineering Tweeted “We’re rolling out the ability to search for every Tweet ever published. Learn about how we built this” with a link to their blog post about it.

Another small Twitter update. You can now share a Tweet via direct message.

Facebook introduced the Facebook Groups App. This is essentially an easier way to help “people share faster and more easily with all the groups in their life”. The App is available in all countries on Android and iOS as of November 18 (2014).

LinkedIn now allows you to showcase your ‘professional brand’ on Slideshare. This is essentially another way to extend profile visibility via info graphic / presentation, if that’s your thing. Apparently it works with one click, handy!

Lastly SnapChat introduces Snapcash! Connect your card to your Snapchat account for sending money – via a quick swipe – directly to a friends account (danger danger! lol). Check out the video below, it’s rather jazzy: