Salesforce reveals revamped Social Studio

So you probably already know that I’ve been using Radian6 for some time for my social media monitoring and analysis. This was one of the first Salesforce products I used and it’s been an awesome tool for many reasons. A while ago though, Salesforce released their update to Radian6, Social Studio. It’s been a long time coming, moving away from flash to HTML5 and providing a better UI all round. I’ve been playing with it for a while and was lucky enough to provide info throughout the beta.

Salesforce have just released the newer version which has far more improvements and looks to be a better product. There is improved social listening using Radian6 and there’s better management and integration of some of the key aspects of Buddy Media, another tool acquired by Salesforce. Next up will hopefully be better analytics built in and the ability to view a stream, not just those that mention you on your own pages or channels.