Oh dear, another day, another social media faux pas. Understandably Joan Rivers staff have other things on their minds, with the recent passing away of the star, but people, know your social media schedule!

‘Rivers’ updated her Instagram / Facebook page yesterday with an iPhone 6 status stating she was replacing her old phone with the new model. An obvious prearranged marketing post, given it was in first person and by the dearly departed.

The lesson here is know your schedule. Posts are time sensitive in more ways than ensuring they go out on a particular day, they need context and environment taken into consideration. Example, if there has just been a massive protest about deforestation, don’t have scheduled posts talking about a gardening festival set to go out that evening. If a terrible crime has been committed in a particular area, don’t schedule insensitive posts about that area.

Context is important. Be sensitive and be as aware of what is due to go out on all platforms, as well as what is out. Needless to say though the post was swiftly removed, but it lives on due to the dreaded screen capture.

Joan Rivers posthumous facebook update faux pas