So this week I’ve been focused on writing a journal article which is part of my PhD research. It’s a summary article looking at the process of engaging with a networked public during a disaster via social media.

One of the key areas that I’ve uncovered in the process of writing the article is that there are some obvious differences between internal and external expectations and phases of communication during a disaster. From an organizational perspective, ensuring that you have relevant messages for the public that accurately reflect their needs is key in managing emergency response. Social media makes this response one that must be handled efficiently and in a timely manner, adding to difficulties for an organization that may be slowed down by approvals and process.

My research journal has taken my research into a slightly different tangent from the original intention, which is a good thing in my opinion. I’m now less focused on the operational stages and more interested in how those operational stages of communication in a disaster can be fluid and flexible dependent on the publics engaged there.