Liz Borod Wright over at Mashable has a great little insight article into 8 reasons people don’t follow you back on Twitter. I liked this article and thought I’d link to it from here on my blog because I agree with the recommendations Liz makes. In summation those reasons people don’t follow back on Twitter may be, you don’t have a profile picture, something I always recommend rectifying. No bio! Come on, people want a little info about you, take the time to fill that in. Controversial view in your bio, uh oh! That can turn some off. Protected Tweets! What have you got to hide? If people can’t check the sorts of things you talk about, how will they know if to follow you? As Liz says in her article, this defeats the whole purpose of Twitter. Not enough Tweets, people like interaction, it’s what Twitter is made for. The polar opposite, you tweet way too much, a ream of tweets about nothing can be a major put off. Broadcasting, not engaging, again Liz hits it out of the park, Twitter is about engagement, if it’s all about you, you, you and you’re not engaging, fail! Lastly, some people are picky, the non followback isn’t anything you’ve failed at, but rather that the person you’ve followed just doesn’t want to follow you back, don’t fret though, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Via Liz over at Mashable (great article, be sure and check it out).