Social Media use in Brisbane Floods Wins Council AMI Award

It was a very proud day today within the Digital Communication team at Brisbane City Council. We were the proud recipients of the Social Marketing Qld AMI Award for our work using social media during the Brisbane floods crisis in January this year. It was extremely exciting for all of us in the team who worked tirelessly during the floods to ensure that we did everything we could to help Brisbane residents in their time of need.

Connecting and Helping Using Social Media

One of the most rewarding aspects of using social media during the floods was the ability to help the community and to see the difference that we were making. For those of you who haven’t read much about our social media use during the floods, you can read our Case Study on IKEN for a better understanding of what we did. Ultimately, it’s about the connections you have within the organisation, working together to create and impact the connections you have outside in the community. When you have a team in place that understands the space and is comfortable dealing with such a large crisis through that space, it’s hopefully always going to get you the result you want.

Social Media at Brisbane City Council

As most people who read my blog already know, and so there’s full disclosure to those who might not already know, I’m the Social Media Officer at Brisbane City Council, so today is an extremely proud day for me. It’s always nice to get recognition for work that you love, so the Digital Communication team are extremely honoured with the win today. If you don’t already follow Council, why not!? No, really though, you should, because we aim to be at the forefront of social media use at a local government level in Australia. For those who might want to go and follow us now, here are the details:

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Onto the Nationals for the AMI Awards

So well done to everyone in our team and those essential honorary members who stepped up from other teams (you know who you are) for any involvement they had in delivering great service to the city of Brisbane through our social media use in the floods. We’ll now go to the nationals, but whatever happens, it was great being recognised and even greater helping Brisbane residents. Okay, altogether now… “Don’t Stop! Believing!”

Tracy AMI Award