Social media training and workshop on the Gold Coast – Cupcakes and Connections

Today I had the joy of teaching a lovely bunch of ladies a little bit more about Facebook. My company Social Ignition held our Cupcakes and Connections morning and it was an absolute blast! With a total of 11 willing learners, it was fun to be able to share some tips and tricks on how to help Facebook work for your business. We could easily have spent much longer talking, learning and networking, but we managed to get through a lot and had some fantastic feedback.

What Did Our Attendees Learn Today?

We covered a lot of ground today and because there was such a mixed bag of abilities, we had to get through as much as possible. Some of the learnings we know our attendees got today were:

  • Creation of landing pages on Facebook and why they’re important
  • Extra likes on their Facebook pages so that they can gain their vanity URL
  • How to create a Facebook page from scratch
  • Tips on promotion of their Facebook page, such as adding to their email signature, using on their business cards, adding to their website
  • How to fix their privacy settings on their private account
  • How to use the ‘switch’ button to use their Facebook page as their business
  • Adding strategic ‘likes’ to their page so that they are building awareness of their business and also how to highlight which ‘likes’ show up on their page

As you can see we managed to cover off a lot of great Facebook page tips and tricks and there were still plenty more questions that we could have answered. Everyone had a great time and there was some fantastic networking opportunities with people able to hand out their business cards and make online and offline connections with women in similar business situations to them. Here’s just a few comments from the ladies this morning.

“Thanks guys, great morning!” – Karen-Anne | Coupon21

“The whole session was fantastic. Thank u so much” – Fiona | The Self-Raising Kitchen

“Had a fantastic morning, thanks so much for everything!” – Sharon | Busy Bookwork

What Did Social Ignition Learn Today?

For the Social Ignition team, which is basically myself (Tracy), Angela and on special kitchen duties today, my mum, the biggest learning for us was that we need to have a smaller number of ladies at each event and that we need to focus more on a specific topic. The beast that is Facebook could easily have kept everyone here day and night, so we’re now incorporating into upcoming events much more specific topics, so that those coming along are all at the same level.

We also want to ensure that we can give as much one-on-one time to everyone who comes along, so will be adopting a new model, with a maximum of 6 people at each event, but with events being repeated twice, two weeks apart, in case someone misses one. We’ll also be adding in much more Q&A time so that people get the chance to really ask what’s important to them. The whole point of these events is to let you network, help you understand more about social media, give you hands on opportunities to use it and ask for help, and of course to do all this in a relaxed, friendly environment with coffee and cupcakes.

Upcoming Social Media Events and Workshops

With so many ladies asking us today when the next event was, we’re already planning it. The next event will be another Facebook Business Pages for Beginners morning, which will be on the 27th August. However, for those that are ready to move on to the next stage of their Facebook use, the event coming up on the 10th September might be of more interest. That event is a Facebook Scheduling and Reporting workshop, which will focus on setting up scheduling tools for Facebook and also on how to interpret statistics, demographics and info from Facebook Insights. These are crucial tools for anyone using Facebook for business, as there’s no point putting up content and not having any idea as to whether it’s working or not. Further information will be up soon about each of the events, as well as it also living on our Facebook events tab.

Social Media Training on the Gold Coast/Brisbane

So, if you’re looking for social media training, on the Gold Coast, which is relaxed, informal, hands-on workshop style, get your booking in for Cupcakes and Connections now. These events sell out fast and we limit the numbers. Don’t be left wishing you’d come along. Remember, there’s always a leader and a follower…. which are you?

Post originally written for Social Ignition website.