How to get your own URL for Google+

If you’re using Google+, congratulations. Not only are you one of 20 million who have signed up in the first month of Google+ (or Google Plus if you prefer), but you’re ahead of the curve when it comes to social media. Although there are lots of people jumping on the Google+ bandwagon, not many really know how to use it yet, and not many are taking it too seriously. As people start using it more and learning more about it, why not make sure you are out in front by having your own memorable Google+ URL?

Google+ Vanity URL

At the moment, Google+ hasn’t developed the ability to create your own vanity URL through Google+. There appear to be some security concerns over at Google, that by allowing people to create their own vanity URL, it may open up the ability for spammers to figure out the email addresses of millions of gmail users. Instead of allowing a vanity URL, Google+ simply provides you with a serious of numbers in your profile URL, which is fine when you’re already there, but what if you want to send it to someone?

Share your Google+ URL easily

So, how do you get an easy URL to share that still symbolises your Google+ account? You could easily get a link if you wanted to, but why not get something that at least looks a little Google+ branded? Now you can, by using this cool tool: Google Plus Nick. It allows you to make a shortened customised URL for your Google+ page and is a great alternative until Google themselves allow for this via Google+. My Google+ page can be accessed via

Customised Google+ URL

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to grab a customised URL for Google+ that will be sufficient until Google ‘do a Facebook’ and release vanity URL’s. So what do you think? Will you get yourself a Google+ personalised URL? Are you using the service much?