The power of Twitter is immense, even if you only have relatively few followers. This week a woman from New York (Stefanie Gordon) felt that power when she tweeted an innocent photo of the space shuttle Endeavour from her iPhone. What made the image special was Stefanie Gordon’s vantage point, a plane descending into Palm Beach, Florida. Though just a couple of random snaps, these are great images, so great in fact Gordon was retweeted and before she knew it the BBC in the UK, ABC, Discovery Channel, CNBC and a multitude of other TV and radio news outlets were contacting her. She also gleefully tweeted NASA themselves had retweeted the image. Stef had around 1,000 followers when she tweeted the images, she’s now got around 5,300 (at time of writing) and she appeared on most of the major news outlets in the USA. Crazy.

Check out the amazing photos on Stef’s Flickr.