Not long to go until the iPad 2 launches in Australia, the release date being March 25. The odd thing is Apple has chosen to begin selling the iPad 2 in their stores at 5pm on that day. I’ll be getting mine (hopefully) from the Robina Store. That store usually closes at 5.30pm, so let’s assume it will be opening later. So another weird / cool thing… The iPad 2 is cheaper (leaked price lists being true) than the same model original iPad. I’m hoping to get the 64GB Wi-Fi+3G model, this is the same model iPad I presently have, so this is just essentially an upgrade for me (and I’ll sell my original, which is in perfect condition to some lucky person). That’s all, just wanted to share my glee. Assuming I manage to nab one after work that day I’ll pop back and update you, because it’s just that interesting lol.