Just popping this post in for prosperity and because I don’t want every post to be about social media and / or gadgetry. I’ve been watching a fair bit of ABC U.S. series “Brothers & Sisters” on my iPad. I watch it on the train on the way to work and also on the way home. I bought the series because it’s a show I was interested in watching when it first started back in 2006. I’d managed to miss it back then and never started, as I like to catch series from the start. Now, I’m hooked on “Brothers & Sisters”. I like a little soap escapism, but usually they need to be primetime U.S. soaps. I don’t watch UK or Australian soaps, oh and I don’t watch U.S. daytime soaps (though I’d probably like the utter silliness, given I enjoy “Pretty Little Liars” also). I’m hoping to catch up with “Brothers & Sisters” so I can mark it off my TV catchup list. There’s so many other things on there at the moment, I see no end in sight, especially with all the new shows starting. What are you watching on TV?