So, last night I was lucky enough to do a guest lecture for the lovely Master of Information Technology class at QUT. I was invited to do the lecture by Kate Davis, a fantastic lecturer there who had seen me talk at a Social Media Club event last year. The great thing about this lecture was that I was diong it remotely, via a system called Elluminate. It was the first time I’d used the system, but it worked really well and the students seem very comfortable with it. It basically allows them to listen to the live audio of the lecture from wherever they are and they can ask questions, comment and so on. Anyway, overall, very cool system.

The lecture was on social media marketing and it was interesting to hear some of the questions that were asked. As always, there’s the usual questions which focus around convincing more traditional marketers to embrace social media, but there were also some questions on risk management. I’ve found that although social media use continues to become more accepted, particularly from a large organisation perspective, there are still a great deal of concerns about risk.

One of the main points I made was that I really strongly advise that everyone engaging in social media within an organisation should have a social media suite. I may write a longer post on this soon and potentially put it up over at Social Ignition also.

Anyway, doing the guest lecture was fantastic and I really appreciate Kate giving me the chance to do so. Always nice to get to chat to people about a subject I love so much.