As a HUGE Apple fangirl (yes I was an Apple fangirl before it became popular to be so), when new Apple gear is rumoured I immediately get excited. This is a completely involuntary reaction to what is a sad complete love of all things Apple. The latest rumor is that a new MacBook Pro will launch as early as the end of this week! This has been expected for some time and now with depleting units in the Apple store, word is it may be with us very shortly, maybe even on Steve Jobs’ 56th birthday (Thursday Feb 24).

Other Apple Mac rumors flying around at the moment include:

Apple being one of the OEMs to ship laptops running on Intel’s new intel Sandy Bridge architecture. Apple jumping on the new architecture bandwagon wouldn’t be surprising.

Light Peak!
Apple may be using Light Peak tech in the new MacBook Pro (this is also rumoured to be used in the upcoming iPad 2.

The DVD drive will be gone, there will be a larger trackpad (I LOVE my external trackpad) and the new MacBook Pro will sport a new liquidmetal body (though the name is a bit misleading). I doubt that last one is true, but if it isn’t this time, give it a couple of years.