Mac App Store Now Live in Australia

So today the new Mac App Store came out and of course all the lovely little Mac geeks like myself jumped on the opportunity to investigate further. For those of you who have no idea what the App store is about and why all the fuss, think of it like the iPhone App Store, but on your desktop or laptop, complete with it’s own icon in the dock. The whole point is really about accessibility and making it easy to grab the content/products you want and popping them on your Mac.

How do I get the Mac App Store?

For those of you who aren’t sure where the heck you get the App store from, head over to the lovely for more information. She has lovingly taken the time to explain exactly how to get the store up and running on your machine and has even written a few pros and cons based on the first afternoon of use.

Is the Mac App Store Worth Getting Excited About?

Well, based on the first day of use, I would say yes. There are some definite small issues with it which Girly Gamer has mentioned, but overall, I’d say that it’s a great addition to your Mac. The only thing I’ve found so far that is a bit irritating is how things sit in your dock when you download them and also I’m a little surprised by the price of some of the items. Sure, there are things on there that are free, some that are only a few dollars also, but there are some programs on there that are around $75 and that just seems a bit too steep. I understand it’s a full program and my mindset needs to change a little to realise this, but sometimes when I’m paying around $75 for something I like to have something tactile and obviously here you don’t.

Hello App Store, Goodbye Software Purchases

If you’re an iPhone or an iPad owner who loves using the App Store already, this is quite simply the answer to your prayers. It makes it easy to download useful programs that help tailor your Mac to you. There’s no doubt at all that I will be spending quite a bit of time on this, particularly in browsing through the already extensive list of apps available. What are your thoughts on the Mac App Store launch? Are you excited about it? Will you use it to purchase items or couldn’t you care less? Would love to hear your thoughts.