The Entertainment Book Rocks!
One of the coolest things that I’ve discovered being in Australia is the Entertainment Book. For those of you who don’t know about it (and shame on you if you don’t!), the Entertainment Book is this awesome book that you buy for around $50-60 and it has lots of cool vouchers in it for free stuff. Yes, you read that right, FREE!

Help Others While Helping Yourself
When you buy the Entertainment Book, the money is costs to buy it goes to a local charity, organization or other fund-raising institution, so you get all those awesome goodies AND help someone out. We always buy ours from QAHC because we believe in supporting what they’re doing. You can buy yours from wherever you like and support whoever you want to. Some people we know bought theirs from the cancer council and I think there were some who bought it from the Animal Welfare League or something.

Food Glorious Food!
The coolest thing we’ve found about the Entertainment Book is that it makes you try new places. We spent $55 on ours for the Gold Coast and already we’ve gotten that back and some. We’ve tried out Randhawa’s Indian Restaurant, Cafe St Tropez, Pizza Capers, Dracula’s, Vibe Bar and Grill, Food Fantasy at Jupiters Casino and a ton more. Seriously, you can make back the same amount you paid in no time. We’re always taking people out to new places and using it. Next on the list has to be Somni, Coconut Willy’s, Gordoni’s and then maybe some in Surfer’s. Sucks that they don’t have anything for places like the Hard Rock Cafe or something. That place is way too expensive for what you get.

Now it’s Your Turn
Okay, this totally sounds like an advertisement for the Entertainment Book, but I promise it’s all off my own back. I just totally love them. I might even be tempted to buy another one this time round because all the good vouchers will probably be gone by Christmas.
Anyone else got one of these? Apparently there’s some other one that you can get for dining as well, but I’ve never tried it and can’t remember the name of it. If anyone knows it, let me know!