Some of you are probably wondering what the heck a two percenter is? Well, legend has it (or at least some kind of semi-real survey somewhere suggests) that around 2% of people in the world are happy in their job. They’re doing what they love, they’re building their own empire, they’re making money and enjoying themselves while the other 98% are miserable working for someone else.

It’s all too common to hear from people that they hate their job and that they’d do anything to work on something they love. The sad part is that we all know how difficult it is to walk away from the security of a job, a pension, holiday benefits and sick leave entitlements. What does it take then for someone to make a giant leap of faith?

For some, it’s about working conditions, for others it’s health or general peace of mind. How many people tend to leave though with nowhere else to go to? Not many. Most people stick it out, waiting for their long-service leave or their retirement payout, even though they’re miserable and wish they were doing something more meaningful with their lives.

Far be it from me to suggest everyone give up their job and run off doing something they love, but also, speaking from experience, it can be extremely freeing. It’s nice to feel challenged again, to genuinely be passionate about what you’re doing and to start building your own business. Sure, there are the downsides and every now and again when another bill pops through the mailbox, your heart might beat a little faster, but generally there really is no feeling like loving your work.

Social media is one of those areas where if you can really master your niche, you can help your business grow tenfold. It won’t happen overnight, it’s about the slow build, grassroots engagement where you truly listen to your customers. Using this method to help promote who you are, what you’re about and your true passion can add a whole new joy to your working life. After all, we’re only here a short time, isn’t it worth doing something we love when we can?