Tonight I am going to Brisbane to see Fame the musical at Qpac and I am pretty excited about it. One thing I am less excited about is the fact that at the beginning of the week it cost us $110 each for a ticket and when I went on there last night all the remaining tickets were only $60.

Now, I completely understand when the need to get rid of the remaining tickets so sell them cheaply but it’s just not great customer service to offer nothing to those customers who paid full price. Even give us a free program on the way in or something. Of course no doubt the actual logistics of this would be a nightmare for the event organizer, but it got me thinking about how important it is that customers feel they’re getting a good deal.

When we are sitting there tonight, I have no doubt we will be loving the show, but its hard not to be a little peeved that the person sitting next to you is enjoying it just as much for half the price. Have any of you ever experienced this before and what can companies learn from this to support the customers who initially supported them?