Ok, so I don’t know how to spell Juusch as uttered by the legendary Sue Sylvester, but I like saying it. Anytime we have something around our home that needs a bit more excitement or interest added to it, we refer to it as juusching it up a bit.

Does anyone else have these little communications that only exist between their family? Another one that we have is when we’re trying to maneuver in a small space. Think of trying to get into a car parking space that’s very small, or in fact trying to reverse out of one that’s very small and having to go back and forward. This is known in our house as ‘doing an Austin’. What this refers to is Austin Powers. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, please take a look here:

So come on, let’s hear all your weird little family nuances. You know, the things that only you guys would understand if you said them in a public space. Doesn’t even need to just be family, can also be friends or workmates. See if you can beat the pure beauty that is “doing an Austin”.