Our History

Social Ignition grew out of a long-term desire to bring online communities to the masses. For over 16 years, we have been involved in online communities, virtual worlds and social media. Long before Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, we were on IRC, IM and Second Life, learning how to interact in the online world and truly gaining a deep understanding of how people engage online.

Earlier this year, after a lot of consulting work, talks, articles and more, we decided that we should finally take the leap and make Social Ignition a reality. Our goal is simple – work with you to deliver the goals you have for your company online.

Who Are We?

Made up of three, each of us has a speciality that will help you or your business truly understand what it means to engage with your customers.

Tracy – With an academic background in Behavioural Science & Communications, as well as a professional history in marketing, online communication, virtualization and IT, Tracy is our Social Media Psychologist. She’ll actively listen to what you want and then develop a strategy to help you get there. She’ll work alongside you to show you how to plan and implement your social media communication.

Angela – Coming from a Behavioural Science background and with a professional involvement in the aesthetics of web design, writing for the web and future planning for technology, Angela is our designer extraordinare and Enterprise Officer. She will look at your branding, provide ideas on where to go for the future and offer solutions on how to get there.

Colin – Affectionately known as our Mad Scientist, Colin has an academic background in Computer Science and works as a web designer in a professional capacity. He is responsible for all the technology and will happily work alongside clients to help them get the best out of their website.

How Can We Help You?

Social Ignition is the place to come when you want honest, straight-forward, non-tech speak help with creating your online community. Remember, you can’t control what people are saying about you online, but you can be involved. Let us show you how.

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