Ever thought that there was more to life than the nine to five? Does dreaming of traveling the world making a difference in people’s lives take up more of your brain space than it should? Now, through the power of social media and grassroots creativity comes your chance to be immortalized in film and show the world who you truly are.

This year, each and every one of us has the opportunity to remember a very special date as the day we did something amazing. This year on the 10th of October (10.10.10) One Day on Earth wants willing participants across the globe to film their lives over a 24 hour period to get a true sense of the human experience world wide.

Whether you decide to do your normal every day tasks, or whether you see this as your opportunity to finally make a change to your life, get involved in this awesome cause. With a number of social media channels already behind this, look out for more people linking to their One Day on Earth profile through Twitter and Facebook.

Participate in your community – record your experience.