When you send out a tweet or a post via your social media channel, what agenda are you setting for your business and your customers?

Agenda-setting theory states that the mass-news media can influence an audience by what is communicated to them. By outlining what a media outlet or company deem as important for them and transferring that to the public through their communication channels, the media agenda becomes the public agenda.

What does this mean for social media and your business? Well, let’s think of it in simple terms. You have a small beauty business and you want to highlight a new product. Your agenda is to raise brand awareness for your new product, so you start tweeting about it and posting on your Facebook site. The public start to engage with you and they become aware of your product. Through your social media communication, your product is now in their consciousness and the theory is that they’ll then refer to it at a later date if needed. It sounds simple enough, but highlights the need to always ensure your communication is relevant to the agenda you want to set.

When you start planning your social media channels and content, always think ahead. Write the content you know will support your agenda and ensure each and every touch point with your potential customers is relevant.

Originally written for Social Ignition.com, my company blog.