If you’re like us you probably have more social networks than the average person. Keeping separate social media outlets updated at once can be a great way to free up a little time. This post will give a few handy hints and tips for connecting Twitter to Facebook. Sure some of these may seem basic, but if you don’t know you might just have found a very useful post indeed.

If you use Twitter and Facebook independently, but you want to link them together it is a simple task.

Automatically add your Twitter updates to Facebook
You can have Twitter automatically update Facebook by simply visiting the Facebook/Twitter page www.facebook.com/twitter/ and setting it up. You will of course need both a valid Twitter and Facebook account. Install the application and away you go!

Is putting your Twitter information into Facebook safe?
If you’re worried about sharing your Twitter information with Facebook, it is safe because the application is made by Twitter for Facebook.

What about just certain Tweets – Selective Tweeting to Facebook
Make sure you visit the Selective Tweets page on Facebook. Add the Application by clicking the Go To Application button. This application will not work if you have other Facebook Twitter apps installed. Once you’re set up, simple add #fb to the end of the Tweets you want to appear on Facebook automatically. Don’t add it to those you don’t.

Originally written for Social Ignition.com, my company site.