If you love social media as much as I do and as much as the guys over at Mashable do, you’ll want to get out your party hats and vuvuzela’s on June 30th and hunt down other like-minded souls.

Mashable are encouraging everyone to arrange a Social Media Meetup in their area and to get together to celebrate all that is great about social media. So far there are some cool places to hang out with fellow Tweeters and Facebookers, including New York City and San Francisco. The Sydney Meetup has 31 people so far, with Brisbane lagging behind with only 1 at the moment. If you fancy having a Meetup in your area, Mashable are making it easy for you, by providing you with a Mashable Meetup Widget. You can get as wild as you want – simply meeting up for drinks, or holding a full-on conference, it’s entirely up to you. These are your networks, you choose how you celebrate them.

If you aren’t widget inclined, there are numerous other ways of setting up a Meetup:

* Sign up to attend or organize your own event on the Meetup Everywhere Mashable.
* RSVP and upload photos from your Meetup to our Facebook event page.
* Use the #smday hashtag on Twitter.

What I love about the concept of a Social Media Day is that not only is it celebrating an online community, but it’s doing so offline. Social media events all too often stay online, not allowing for people to mingle and network on a face-to-face level so make use of this day to create some extended networks you might otherwise not have access to.