Today I was lucky enough to head along to the Facebook for Business event held at the Gallery of Modern Art. The event was part of the Interactive Minds series and featured some interesting guest speakers, including the keynote speaker, Paul Borrud, Regional Vice President, Facebook Australia and New Zealand.

The event was interesting because not only did it provide everyone with some interesting facts that you can implement in your business immediately, but it also gave the audience the opportunity to really consider whether they could use some of the same strategies in their business as those on stage.
One of the most interesting comments that sticks out for me was the 70/30 rule. Basically, the rule states that around 70% of your content on your social media platforms should be created by the audience and be organic in nature. The other 30% is the brand that you control yourself, helping to fuel the interaction that you seek from visitors.

The event was sold out, showing just how many people are now implementing social media in their organisation. I’d highly recommend one of these events to anyone interested in digital media and I’m hoping to get to another one soon.