Bring the Mountain to Mohammed.

It’s always eye-opening when working with large companies that often it’s not a case of ‘cant’ when it comes to social media, but more a case of ‘won’t’. During my time working with companies who are taking their first tentative steps into social media, there’s often an ideology that what happens ‘out there’ doesn’t really affect things ‘in here’. The trick with this type of mindset is to impress through actions.

One of the most convincing methods of converting a social media naysayer into a believer is to simply show them. Everyone knows the power of visuals and interacting with your chosen social media channel right in front of the eyes of doubters can often leave a lasting positive impression.

Recently I was in the position where a company director who had ummed and ahhed about social media for some time, suddenly gave me the time to convince him that it was worth while. Yes, it’s important to show ROI, discuss outreach, engagement, sales and conversion – but show a live Twitter demonstration that gets people replying straight away and you’re in. Sometimes, less truly is more.

Watching someone who has no real concept of what social media can do for them, suddenly see that they’re able to immediately reach customers and interact with them, can be a very powerful tool. Words are great, but visuals and actions are better. If you’re ever in a similar situation, believe in what you’re selling. Don’t doubt that you’ll get a reply, don’t dither over whether you’ll be left hanging by your multitude of followers – believe that what you put out there will touch someone enough to have an effect. If you truly have faith in what you’re selling, your task at convincing companies to engage with social media is far higher.

Convincing a company to suddenly delve head on into a pool of tweets, comments, likes and buzzes when they’re still getting used to emailing isn’t easy. Take the mountain to Mohammed.. make it easy for them to reach, to see and to feel the effect that social media can have on their business.