I love to write. I will write anytime I can. There are few things in life so satisfying as creating your own stories and expressing yourself through words. I love to write character based stories with my partner and become deeply immersed in the development of plots and characters. Imagine if you could write your own soap opera or alter one that you currently love. That is my life, my weakness….. that brings me joy and I only wish other people could take time out to let their imagination run wild.

I’m embarrassingly addicted to reality TV shows. Doesn’t matter what it’s about, I’ll find a way to fall in love with it – American Idol, Australian Idol, Biggest Loser, Wife Swap, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother… makes no difference to me, I love them all. It’s ridiculously easy to get me addicted to these shows. All you have to do is show me some gossiping, some bitching, some fighting and I’m there.. I love to people watch. Now and again I will let myself get addicted to other TV shows of course of the non-reality type. My favs recently have been: Modern Family. Cougar Town, The L Word, Battlestar Galactica, The Tudors, 30 Rock, The Catherine Tate Show, Alias and more…

Yup, I’m just your regular family guy… or girl.. whatever. I love hanging out with my girlfriend/partner/wife/lover, whatever term you’re comfy with. We’ve been together 12 years and going strong. Without being overly sentimental, she is the one…. I’d rather hang out with her doing nothing than spending time doing most other things. We have two gorgeous dogs to play with too that make me smile and laugh every single day without fail. Add to that the fact I have two grown kids who are smart, kind and loving and parents who raised me to be a good person, means that I’ve done pretty good on the family front so far. Who knows how that will be added to in the future, but I definitely know when it is, it’ll be amazing.

What geeky girl would be complete without gaming? I love gaming of all types and gadgets too. My fav console is the Xbox 360 because I love the variety of games and the general feel of the console and its UI. It’s probably one of my fav consoles ever, alongside the SEGA Dreamcast which was adorable for its time and still one of the best for games, in may heart. I love Mac especially and I’m pretty anti PC….. at least in the computing way. I love having the newest gadgets when I can and I’m always open to talking about gaming and tech stuff.

As anyone who knows me can tell, I like to eat out at restaurants. I love trying all kinds of lovely food, BUT, I’m not big on seafood or anything that looks the same dead as it did alive. My fav restaurants at the moment are: Randhawa’s Indian Restaurant, Sawaadee Thai, Champagne Brasserie French Restaurant, Cactus Jack Mexican Restaurant and Nonna’s Italian Restaurant.

Tweeting TV
I am adding this in becuse obviously I like my social media and Tweeting TV with friends and strangers alike is a lot of fun. This generally goes for any reality show that’s airing and the comradeship on Twitter is great. If you haven’t tried a little TV Tweeting, do it… just make sure you’re in the same time zone as most of your friends TV Tweeting or there might be spoilers (Damn QLD being an hour behind Sydney!).