I realized today that it’s taking me longer and longer to keep up to date with all the various social networking sites I’m on. Facebook has long been my mainstay when it comes to updates and keeping in touch with friends and family, possibly because it avoids all the things I hate about MySpace.

The last time I was on MySpace I was so inundated with random friend requests, adverts and annoying apps that I made a conscious decision not to go back. Still, I find myself checking in every now and again on the off-chance I’m suddenly contacted by someone important, you know, like Obama or Pink.

Anyway, I’m now also tweeting on Twitter, even though in a way I find it highly self-indulgent. I mean, does anyone really care if I tell them what I ate for breakfast or that my heels are bleeding? Apparently they do since some people continue to follow me, but is this the kind of information I need to impart on the world. There’s a certain grace in those people who only Twitter important philosophical thoughts – graceful yet dull. I’m addicted to hearing peoples rambling thoughts, particularly when it’s about everyday humdrum things or pop culture.

However, I digress back to my main point. Are there simply too many ways now to stay in touch. The movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” hit the nail right on the head. There’s so many ways to get in touch with someone, or to be ignored by someone that it’s almost painful. Don’t even get me started on the fact that you can update Facebook, MySpace and Twitter on your phone as well now….