Article: Guitar Gaydar – LOTL Magazine

I was commissioned to write an article for LOTL, an Australian lesbian magazine about the phenomenon of Guitar Gaydar, a phrase I invented to refer to the way lesbians always seem to sniff out lesbianesque guitar girls. You can read the entire two page article here, by click on page 16: Guitar Gaydar LOTL Magazine.

Article: Pam Spaulding Blogs Her Way to the Top –

I was asked by to interview Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend, one of the foremost blogs in cyberspace. Pam is well known amongst bloggers for her interesting take on American politics, race and sexuality and there’s always something interesting to read on her site. You can read the interview with Pam here: Pam Spaulding Blogs Her Way to the Top.

Cherrie Nitely: Is a regular column that I was asked to write for Australian lesbian magazine ‘Cherrie’. Cherrie Nitely is a virtual character who lives in Second Life and it was my job to write about her escapades over there. Generally it was about focusing on what Second Life had to offer lesbians and to give those thinking about stepping into the virtual world more of an idea on what it’s all about.

Reviews: I write monthly gaming reviews for Cherrie magazine. These are simply short sharp reviews of what is hot in gaming for the month. Each review is a challenge in that it is only 100 words long and has to encapsulate what is good or bad about the game. As well as this, any particular appeal to lesbians is always commented on where possible.

Reviews: I previously wrote regularly for the Daily Telegraph in London in their Digital Life section. This required regular gaming reviews that would appear in their paper and online. Some of these reviews can still be found online and although I no longer have time to do the reviews, it was a fun gig while it lasted.

Reviews: One of the biggest female gaming websites in Europe is where you can find a lot of my older gaming reviews. Thumbbandits is a great place to hang out if you’re looking for friendly gaming chat. They have a great forum and excellent admin who will keep you safe from the crazy people.

Reviews: If you’re looking to get a hand on anything I’ve written lately in the gaming genre, you should head over to Lesbian Gamers. I regularly contribute to the site with either posts, articles or just general chat and I’m also PR for it. If you want to get your gaming news with a touch of lesbian, head over there and have a look at what’s going on. There’s always something interesting happening.

Reviews: I was asked by author Stevie Smith to review his first autobiographical work entitled Joe Public. The book was interesting to read and although it didn’t achieve great success financially, it was a labour of love for the author. You can read the review here: Joe Public Review.