On Sunday night, we went up to Brisbane Entertainment Centre to see Kelly Clarkson in concert. She was supported by Mandy Moore and Sean Kingston. We didn’t care too much for Sean Kingston but we love Mandy Moore so we were glad that she was the support act.

She was on for half an hour and was brilliant. Exactly how she sounds on her new album Wild Hope so that was great. She also sounded very sweet and humble which was nice. Shame she wasn’t on for longer really.

Kelly Clarkson was on for an hour and a half and she was also brilliant live. Sounded great and got all the crowd jumping which is good. We left when she finished (before the encore) so that we could get out of the carpark as when we were at the Pink concert it took like 45 minutes to get out of the carpark. We were lucky we did that as it meant we got hot for 11 which was great!

Oh we also took this really funny video of a guy dancing in the audience, but we need to convert it before we can upload it, we’ll try and remember as it’s so funny.

Meanwhile here’s a clip someone else took of Mandy singing an old hit ‘Candy’ at the concert we were at.