Last weekend we got up and thought “what can we get up to today?”, we decided to use our passes into White Water World and go on some of the mad rides they have there. Off we went at 9.30AM Saturday morning and yes it was warm already!

We firstly went on a ride called The Green Room, as you’ll see if you click on that link it’s like this gigantic green funnel, very cool! We got to the top of the stairs and got ready to go and the water felt cold!! All that went out the window though and we wooshed down the slide at speed haha, wow it was awesome!!

Onto the next few rides and they were great! The hydro coaster was awesome fun and we took a funny photo on there but we haven’t scanned it in (sorry!). We were only there a couple of hours, did all the big rides and headed home and all for free since we had our 2 year pass… woot!!

You can check out a couple of silly waterpark photos at Flickr if you feel the need.