We were talking about generations last night, mainly because Angela is watching Quarterlife, this internet streaming show in which Generation Y twenty somethings question life the universe and everything, whilst really just being part of the problem. We’re both part of Generation X because Gen Y is for people born between 1980-2000 or there abouts. Gen X on the other hand is people born in the 60’s and 70’s.

We came to the conclusion that not much ever really changes in the world. In Quarterlife one of the characters gets into a bit of an argument with his girlfriends mom, saying that her and her generation (pre X) were part of the hippy movement, part of the world changers, people that wanted better for the generations to come, but now have made their money and essentially sit on their asses doing nothing, whilst blaming the younger generation.

It’s pretty depressing really, Generation X was like this cool generation, creating their own cultural identity in a lot of respects, but everyone regardless of generation just plods on through life, never really changing the big issues, even if we do sit around and talk incessantly about them.