So we FINALLY got around to seeing Juno over the weekend and we loved it. A witty and sardonic script by Diablo Cody means Juno’s examination of teen pregnancy takes on a really cool, non moralising (though it does in a more subtle manner) and grown up approach to what could have been just another teen pregnancy film with mallet styled warnings.

If you haven’t seen Juno we urge you to do so. It’s touchy topic and roll on verbal wit might be difficult for some to swallow, but look a little deeper and Juno is really something special. It’s not predictable, it’s not all sweetness and light, but it is a wonderful film. Kudos to the cast also, Ellen Page as Juno MacGuff is just astounding, Jennifer Garner as Vanessa is pained and wonderful and Allison Janney as Juno’s step mom is just superb. Actually all of the actors and their characters are just fantastic. Hop down to the cineplex now!