Today was Superbowl XLII and it was Angela vs Tracy.. yes it was the New England Patriots vs the New York Giants. Sadly because we were both working we didn’t get to see it properly, Tracy had to leave a third of the way in (she was only home as she had to do something for work she had to do on her home pc) and while I was watching I was having to write various articles. That said it was a good game and of course New York Giants won, much to most people’s surprise given the Pats had an unbeaten season.

It was a pretty boring game anyway, until the last quarter. Tracy is happy the underdogs won and I am sad the Pats didn’t get to break the unbeaten full year run including the Superbowl. It has to be said that play by Eli Manning when he escaped the sack and threw to David Tyree was gobsmacking.. so I admit defeat… anyway.. Tracy looks so cute when she smiles it’s good her team won lol.