What have we been doing lately, well other than work.. work.. work.. work.. we’ve been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. We like it so much we’ve watched 4 seasons in a couple of weeks. Larry and Cheryl are absolutely hilarious. It’s weird because it takes a while to get into and you really need to watch them in order to ‘get’ it, but we both totally rate it.

Oh it has a fair bit of profanity in it (mostly in context), so if you’re adverse to that, well.. block your ears because this clip we’re adding has a lot of it.

Let me set up the following scene. Larry has invested in a restaurant, it’s an up market place, but they’ve inadvertently hired a chef with tourettes, it’s opening night. Oh and prior to this Cheryl’s friend thinks she made up a lie about getting stuck in a car wash to get out of meeting her…..