Ok, so Radha Mitchell, you may be thinking who? Why does that name ring a bell? Well I’ll tell you! She played a lesbian in High Art alongside Ally Sheedy, she also played a lesbian in a little known Australian indie film named ‘Love and Other Catastrophes’. For those who don’t watch lesbian movies (firstly why not, and secondly where are you so I can slap your ass), she was in movies such as Pitch Black, Silent Hill and Melinda and Melinda. Her new movie is Rogue which is why I’m posting about her here.

Radha has long got my ole gaydar beepin’ and a hollerin’. Maybe at first it was a pure coincidence because she was a lesbian in a movie and I totally fancied the pants off her. But something about her just makes me think she’s in the club. I was listening to a radio interview with her the other day and she was asked about her personal life. So ok she doesn’t have to talk about that and a lot of decent stars don’t, but she completely avoided it and then just said I don’t like talking about who I’m sleeping with. Soooo me being the serious investigative blogger that I am (ahem), I scoured the internet trying to find any kind of mention of her being in a relationship with a guy… with a girl.. with someone! But nope, nothing at all. So I’m thinking Radha could very well use the same publicist as Jodie Foster or something…. maybe it’s all in my mind, but whatever. She’s cute, she’s hot and when she has her original Australian accent.. mmmMMmmmm helllooooo!