Right… so I already know that Angelina Jolie is a goddess… but you have to see this clip of her at the Beowulf premiere in LA recently.
She’s walking along the red carpet with Brad and stopping to let people take photos and doing the whole waving thing, when she spots a female (lesbo no doubt) in the crowd wearing an ‘Adopt Me Angelina’ tshirt. Angelina thinks this is hilarious clearly and climbs over the barrier and over to the fans. She tries to calm the screaming fans a little and then hugs a few of them. The girl with the tshirt takes a photo with Angelina and as if that wasn’t enough, Angelina gets a sharpy.. leans in.. hand on breast area.. yeah.. you did just read that right.. hand on breast area…. and signs her tshirt…..

Angie… lesbians the world over adore you.. and this kind of thing is exactly why.

UPDATE: Sadly the video is no longer available.