Right, so Ali Larter, hot Heroes chick and cool B-Movie star (Final Destination, House on Haunted Hill, Resident Evil Extinction) never seems to be photographed with a hot guy. Ok, so that in itself doesn’t make her a lesbo obviously, she’s probably just really busy or just likes to keep her private life to herself right? I’m cool with that… however… she is ALWAYS photographed with her ‘best friend’ Amy Smart, whom she also happens to live with.

Why does nobody ever question whether the gorgeous Ali is gay? Is it because to the mainstream press she looks too ‘straight’? She gets my gaydar buzzing ever so slightly and let’s face it, that is always a nice feeling. Her and Amy have lived together for years and yet I’ve never heard a peep about her being a big ole dyke.

In my mind of course she is, along with half the other Hollywood hotties. Now if only I lived there and was part of the in crowd then I could find out whether she really is or not. There are some others that I would add to the list also, but those are for a different post. And if she gets married at some point, that doesn’t mean anything, we know all about beards in Hollywood.