We’ve decided to Google up our office, because quite frankly we’re jealous of the lucky SOB’s who work for Google and get to play around with expensive toys all day.

Anyway, we have now accumulated in our office the following essential toys: A Zizzle, Grip Ball 2000, Frisbee, Juggling Balls, Basketball Hoop, Paddle Ball, Flying Helicopter Gun Thing…

Yes, myself and my team (there’s only two of us but we like to call it a team anyway as their used to be four and then the others got cut), have invented many games throughout the course of the weeks we’ve had our extra equipment. By far our fav game to play is Frisbee, you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to get to 30 in a small office. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, why am I sharing this with you lovely readers? Well of course to put across the point that we should have some fun at work, all of us. Why work til you die when you have no fun. Bring a little bit of happiness into the workplace. If I were the boss of a large company I’d want my workers to be happy. Sure I wouldn’t want them sitting online chatting all day or playing a video game whilst I was paying them.. but now and again we all need to just chill a bit and have some fun.. even the bosses.

Anyway, for no other reason than a shameless oogling moment.. I’m using an image in this post that is something that makes me have fun at the office and always makes me smile…..