Ya know I was listening to my iTouch at the office today and ole Britters came on singing Baby One More Time and I thought to myself… poor Britney.

Yeah yeah, I know you all think I’m nuts. She’s clearly gone off the rails and is a bit of a loon, but come on people! She was soooo young when she hit it big, it was only a matter of time before she went crazy wasn’t it? I mean look, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake were also young when they made it big, but were either of them really as big as Britney back then!? Nahhhhh.

The poor girl should have had better people around her trying to protect her from the crazy life she was leading. I mean look at all these young girls goin off the rails. Lindsey Lohan is another example, although let’s face it she was never that big so is probably just a bit of an ass.

Anyway, I feel sorry for Britney. She marries some guy for two minutes, hooks up with another star fucker and has his kids and now he’s taken them away from her? Sure she’s not fit to look after those kids if she’s really into the drugs, but is K-Fed a good example of a parent!? No way!

Where were the good people around her? Oh yeah they were off in Vegas partying with her money weren’t they. I feel bad for Britney and at the risk of sounding like crazy YouTube fame guy, leave the girl alone and let her get her life back on track.