Right, so Meshel Laurie…. my first encounter with this goddess of comedy was in January 2007 at Girlfest on Australia’s Gold Coast. Having just moved over from the UK, I had no clue who the hell she was, all I know is she was funny… really funny. She made the comedy night at GirlFest for me and then one day in March driving to work…. I hear a woman on the radio. She sounded familiar to me, yet strangely I didn’t put two and two together. Suddenly one morning, I realised that omg….. it’s only the same woman! It was the hilarious Meshel on the Nova FM Brisbane brekkie show. Needless to say from that point, my radio dial has never changed from 106.9FM.

If you don’t know who this woman is, trust me you HAVE to check her out. She is HILARIOUS! Ms Thang and I went to see her one woman show up at the Brisbane Power House and I have NEVER laughed so much at a comedy show. Now I’ve seen some funky female comedians live – French and Saunders, Rita Rudner and more and NONE have made me laugh as much as this woman. Let’s just say every time I hear someone mention ‘Ugg Boots’ now I immediately think of this woman.

So what makes her so funny? Well she’s smart, witty and like Ellen notices the amusement in everyday things. Oh also, she is totally animated and the way she says things is brilliant.

If you want to see some more of Meshel, go over to the Nova FM Brisbane website and check out her pages there. You can also check out Meshel getting an ionic footbath here… yeah.. I did just say that lol. Just scroll down to ‘Inonic Woman’.

Watch Video Here

Anyway, Meshel Laurie, I salute you. You are one hilarious, foxy Ozzie woman. More power to you and here’s hoping you keep rollin just the way you do now!