When did we lose our ability to carry a laptop in a normal bag you sling over you shoulder? Does anyone remember the point in time when we became so lazy that we had to buy laptop bags on wheels?

I mean let’s face it people, we’re not talking something the size of a 30kg suitcase now are we? We’re talking about a small laptop of probably less than 5 kg at most and yet here are all these people wandering around wheeling them along as though they’re going on vacation.

Maybe it’s just here at the University where I work, or maybe someone else can tell me it’s happening to them where they live as well, but seriously it’s sooooo weird! People wandering into Uni for work or study and wheeling along what I would usually call an ‘overnight’ bag. Gone are the days when these would only be used to take on a plane if you had a stopover somewhere. Now you take them to work every day just to stop you carrying your laptop bag.

Come on people! Quit being so lazy and get used to using your hands again. I mean let’s face it, we all want strong arms and hands for one reason or another don’t we ;op