In our office we have one of those small kiddy basketball hoops and plastic balls that you can play with during boring times or alternative place over your bin for some extra fun when throwing out paper. Anyway, our little mini basketball burst a while ago, so we turned it into ‘Bob’. Bob is a plastic man made from an empty soda bottle and with the basketball sliced open just enough to fit over the bottle lid to make a head.

Bob has quite happily been sitting on our shelf for weeks and weeks and only today did we decide to open him and use him as a handy collector of can ring pulls. There’s no logical reason for us collecting ring pulls, we just decided on it one day and if we get enough we’ll make a post-modern Christmas decoration out of them. Anyway, back to Bob – who is named after ‘Hey Bob’ the line from the Angelina Jolie movie Life or Something Like it – Bob has become an alien bug carrier. 

Yes, today when we took off Bobs head, inside was a bug with large antennas… never seen before and the question on everyone’s lips is.. how did it get in there. Trust me, Bob’s head was watertight, the bug was in there alive and well and creeping us the hell out! Anyway, we took it outside and let it go, then we realised we’d probably just freed the first alien plastic basketball head bug hybrid. It’s gone, our chance at fame and fortune has now passed and we’re gutted.

Anyway, an obscure tale today I realise, but a tale at least. Have a good day people.