So in the hope of being able to go snowboarding next winter and making a total ass of myself doing so, I have decided to join Weight Watchers. Yup… time to lose the extra kilos that have kept me warm through the winter hahaha, that’s my excuse anyway. So it’s all about the points people, all about counting those points and only eating within the points. Doesn’t seem so bad yet, but then it’s only been one week lol.

So yeah, me and Ms Thang are on this total health kick. We decide we want to take up tennis and go driving around looking for a place to hire a court… then Ms Thang decides we should take a small detour and off we go. Lo and behold, less than five minutes from our house in the car is a bloody tennis court with a huge big ‘for hire’ sign on it. So we have no excuses now. Oh yeah, one day I will have a body like Jessica Biel in Blade 3. LOLLL

Talking of Jessica Biel, what is it with this Justin Timberlake thing. All the girls love him, yet to me he’s become more and more scruffy and skanky looking as time has passed. Anyway, I predict here on the web that him and Jessica Biel will indeed tie the knot. Yes, that’s right people, you heard it here first. I think this is it for them. It’s written in the stars or some other such place and they’ll get hitched.

You’re probably wondering why a lesbo like me cares about who Justin Timberlake is marrying? Well I only care because it’s Jessica Biel who lets face it is hot hot hot! Although I think she might be a bit too skinny now as her mouth looks a little too big for her face. Don’t you hate it when Hollywood does that to celebs? I’m calling it the Hollywood Gob Syndrome. Suddenly their faces get so skinny, nothing fits there anymore and they look like freaks!

Anyway, that’s it from me for the day….

Oh wait, almost forgot I heard some interesting rumors recently about Jessica Biel and how she’s pissed off that there’s all these lesbian rumors about her. Now, far be it for me to stir things up here, but for as long as I can remember people have been saying Jessica likes the ladies too. She has that vibe about her don’t you think? Anyway, apparently she’s not too happy they’ve resurfaced, especially since she’s in the midst of such a big love affair with JT. She’s stating that she thinks Justin’s ex’s Scarlett Johansson or Cameron Diaz are the culprits for starting these. Sorry Jessica, but people have always hoped, sorry thought you were at least bi.