Hey so yesterday I had the joy of watching the preview of The L Word Season 5. Holy hell, if the chicks in prison look as hot as Helena how do I get a job there as a ‘screw’. She looks fine! The part where she’s eyeing up her hot cellmate who is doing pushups against the bed.. mmMMMm. That scene alone is food for a lifetime of fantasies, oh yeah, Helena is totally my bitch.

Other than that, I found myself strangely excited at the prospect of Bette and Tina getting back together. This took me by surprise I have to say, because to be honest I think Tina sucks and I think Bette is a power hungry nutcase half the time. Add to this the fact that I actually like Marlee Maitlin and I found myself totally confused by my romantic nature wanting Tibette to hook up again. I may be imagining things here, but I’m sure it looked like there was some kind of bedroom action there between them and I find this really exciting! What is goin on!

What else did I find of note…. hmm ok I sorta found it amusing Shane was back to her usual ways. I really dislike Shane as a person, I think she sort of sucks, but again for some reason, seeing her return to her playa playa ways is sort of cool. Now, one thing that did disturb me in the preview is poor Alice sitting crying. I hate the thought of her crying, she’s just too sweet and cute to hook up with someone else that isn’t going to work!

And breathe…. anyyyyyway, that’s me for this morning, might be back later. Check out the season 5 preview below<