Ok, look I LOVE Angelina Jolie. I think the woman is a goddess for a whole lot of reasons, I really, really do. She rocks my world in ways many others never could, however, even I have had enough of her being hounded outside Maddox’s school. 

Look we all KNOW he goes to that school, the press are there every single day taking photos of her, Brad or her and Brad picking their kid up, but come onnnnnnnn. There’s new photos up (which I’m not gonna put up here) where she’s picking up little Maddy and there’s a whole lot of freaks just standing around watching them.

I get that celebs need to be prepared to be photographed constantly and that it’s just part of the job, but this is her KID here… this isn’t her flouncing in and out of someplace. Her kid goes to school here for gods sake, get a life and go home. Quit standing around shouting and staring.

It’s really getting on my nerves to be honest. They’re clearly trying to get some stability into Maddy’s life and here’s a bunch of weirdos standing there looking at him leaving school. Gimme a break!!!!! If you wanna get a photo use a long lens for Christs sake. 

Anyway, rant over, it’s annoying me so thought I’d share it.

Angie rocks, give the woman some space already!