NOTE: This post, like many of the other “pop culture” posts were written for another / separate blog I ran in 2008/2009 that concentrated on stuff like this and less of the academic / social media stuff. I migrated these other blog posts into my site for ease and so I have everything in the one place.. just so you’re not baffled….

So Ms Thang messages me today and says “you should write another blog, you are VERY interesting, witty, funny, smart… I think it would be funny”. Me of course being the flattery slut I am replies with ‘well thanks, I think I’ll do it’, and next thing you know…… well here we all are.

So ta-da! I’m blogging… again…. making me one of those cool cats that can say ‘hey I was blogging when there was money to be made in it’ and whatever else people that are considered ‘cool cats’ might say. But regardless of me being a few years too late on the hip train to infamy I shall make it my mandate to blog daily on some random piece of enlightenment I find. 

So what’s my thought for the day… I feel you all hanging off my every word.. you’re yelling to me.. YES!… YES!! Tracy… tell us something insightful so we can feel closer to nirvana… so here it is – I have learned today that from great boredom can come true moments of insight.

I work in a box, yeah that’s right one of those tiny little offices that I have to share with someone else. We work constantly on a system that requires a whole lot of thinking and typing, so of course we’re going to have complete mind numbing brain freeze every once in a while. So, here my lovely lovely readers is the game that we have devised. It’s not that exciting, probably tons of people are already doing it, but it’s my gift to you.

We sit here day in and day out and hear office phrases such as ‘touch base’, ‘ping’, ‘on my plate’ and so on…. they bug us ok. We hate them…. I mean ‘touch base’!? Come on! So we’ve decided to create our own phrases which we will try and integrate into office parlance at the next conference call or meeting. Our phrases thus far are this… ‘leap the hurdle’ or ‘talk shop’ in place of ‘touch base’. We don’t know why, we just like it ok. Instead of ‘ping an email to you’, we’ve gone for ‘jetstream an email to you’. This may all not make sense, but look, we’re bored, we think it’s amusing to say stupid stuff and that is that ok. Later.